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Exposure Monitoring: Radiation Badge and Ring User Guidelines

Follow guidelines for proper use and care of radiation badges and rings to ensure accurate exposure results.

How to use your dosimeter

The types of radiation exposure monitoring badges and rings are issued through Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S). Both a badge and a ring may be issued to an individual, depending on the work being performed.

Wear your badge(s) any time you work with or near radioactive materials.

  • Whole-body badge (charcoal-figure pictured on the badge)
    • Campus employees: Wear the badge at chest level on the outside of your lab coat.
    • Hospital employees: Wear the badge at the collar on the outside of your lab coat.
  • Ring
    • Wear the ring under your gloves on the finger likely to get the most exposure.
    • Position the detection element (under the label) towards your palm.
  • Collar badge (red-figure pictured on the badge)
    • Wear the badge at collar level on the outside of your lead apron.
  • Waist badge (yellow figure pictured on the badge)
    • Wear the badge at waist level under your lead apron.
  • Fetal badge (female figure with fetus pictured on the badge)
    • Wear the badge at waist level under your lead apron (if used).

How to store your dosimeter

Remove badges and rings when work in the radiation use area is completed.

  • Store dosimeters in a clean area away from moisture, sunlight, and heat.
  • Never store your badge or ring near a radiation source. It could distort your personal exposure results.
  • If you contaminate, damage, open, take apart, or lose your badge or ring:

Return your dosimeter to be analyzed

Dosimeters are returned to EH&S for analysis on a routine schedule. A designated individual in your work group will distribute new badges and rings before the old ones are returned.

Instructions on how and when to return the dosimeters are always printed on the delivery bag. Follow these guidelines when returning dosimeters to EH&S:

  • Do not put a used dosimeter back in its individual cellophane package.
  • Place your dosimeter in the original grey plastic delivery bag.
  • Do not rubber band or clip badges together.
  • Return used dosimeters to EH&S Radiation Safety at Mail Code 0035, or place them in a designated drop box if you work at the Medical Center.

Review your dosimetry report

EH&S reviews dosimetry reports and investigates any unusual exposures. You will be notified if your exposure exceeds the UC San Diego investigational limits.

  • EH&S provides the principal investigator with a dosimetry report for all employees badged under their Radioisotope Use Authorization (RUA).
  • The dosimetry report is posted in the lab or otherwise made available to the employees.
  • If you have questions about your exposure results, contact the dosimetry program manager at (858) 822-2494.

Cancel dosimetry service

When an employee leaves UC San Diego or no longer requires exposure monitoring, follow these steps:

  • Submit a User Cancellation form to cancel dosimetry service.
  • Return the employee's dosimeter(s) to the EH&S Radiation Safety Division at Mail Code 0035.
  • Do not write "CXL" or "Cancel" on the badge.
Questions? Contact EH&S Radiation Safety, (858) 822-2494.
Notice: Refer to the Radiation Safety Manual (PDF) for a detailed description of the UC San Diego radiation safety program.