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Mice, Rats and Other Rodents

Rodents come indoors to look for food, water, and shelter. Find out what you can do to prevent unwanted guests.

Eliminate rodents indoors.

Use these tips to prevent problems with rats or mice.

  • Keep food in metal coffee tins, glass jars, or airtight containers. Rodents can chew through cardboard, plastic, and soft metals.
  • Put away leftover food. Clean up crumbs and spills immediately.
  • Eliminate standing water in water cooler catch basins and cups or glasses left overnight.
    • Notify Housing Maintenance, (858) 534-2600 or Facilities Management, (858) 534-2930 to repair plumbing leaks.
  • Keep trash cans tightly covered. If possible, move all trash to an outside dumpster at the end of the day.
  • Check for entry points.
    • Look for holes in doors or walls, particularly holes around plumbing.
    • Inspect outside doors for missing weather stripping and make sure gaps between doors and sills don't exceed one-quarter inch.
    • Notify Housing Maintenance, (858) 534-2600 or Facilities Management, (858) 534-2930 if you discover rodent entry points.

Permanently reduce outside rodent populations.

Eliminate sources of food, water, and outdoor hiding places.

  • Decrease rodent food sources.
    • Control snail populations.
    • Remove bird feeding stations.
    • Don't leave pet food out overnight.
    • Cover garbage cans with tight-fitting lids. Clean up spilled garbage immediately.
  • Eliminate water sources through proper soil drainage and irrigation line repair.
  • Rodent-proof your landscaping.
    • Use pebbles or rocks instead of plants to form an 18-24-inch border around the building.
    • Trim bushes and trees away from doors, windows, patio balconies, rooflines, and other points of entry.
  • Eliminate nesting areas.
    • Trim palm trees, a favorite home for rodents and other pests.
    • Cut grass short and prune shrubbery so that the ground is visible underneath.
    • Keep trash and other debris cleaned up.



  • Environment, Health & Safety:
    (858) 534-4534 weekdays, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Campus Police: (858) 534-4357 after business hours

Non-emergencies (Typical response time: 1 working day)

HDH Residential Housing (HDHfixit) ticket system, or Customer Service Center (858) 534-2600.
For more information, contact EH&S Pest Management, (858) 534-4534.
Notice: Environment, Health & Safety does not provide pest control advice or help to individuals or agencies outside UC San Diego. Area residents should contact their local animal control agency or exterminator for assistance.