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Annual Campus Housing Fire Safety Report

The 2008 federal Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires UC San Diego to annually report the fire safety practices and standards used by on-campus student housing.

UC San Diego Annual Fire Safety Report

The Annual Fire Safety Report (PDF) describes for each campus student housing facility:

  • Contact information for reporting fires
  • Fire safety education policies and training programs provided to students, faculty, and staff
  • Evacuation procedures in case of fire
  • Fire safety systems
  • Number of fire drills held during the previous calendar year
  • Plans for future fire safety improvements
  • Policies on portable electrical appliances, smoking, and open flames
  • Statistics for campus housing incidents, including the annual number of:
    • Fires and their causes
    • Fire-related injuries treated at a medical facility
    • Deaths related to fire
    • Value of property damage caused by a fire

A paper copy of this report is available upon request.


Annual reporting of fire safety information was legislated after the Seton Hall University fire of 2000 where 3 freshmen lost their lives and more than 50 students were injured. It became the turning point for campus fire safety awareness across the nation.

The legislation was discussed and introduced annually in every session of congress for 8 years before it passed in 2008. The law requires schools to report fire safety information annually to the Secretary of Education. Calendar year 2009 marks the first year that this report will be submitted and will be completed each October, similar to the Clery Act report that addresses campus security issues.


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For more information, contact EH&S Fire & Life Safety, (858) 534-3659.
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