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Timely Submission of Proposals

Read about proposal submissions deadlines for all proposal submitted to OCGA.

OCGA has established proposal submission timelines oulined below. Please also refer to the June 1, 2012 Campus Notice (PDF) from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

We recommend that Departments/ ORUs talk with their Principal Investigators to alert them to the OCGA Proposal Submission Timeline, taking individual departmental deadlines into account.

Helpful Checklists and Guidance

OCGA Proposal Submission Timeline

Proposal packages and documents should be sent to your assigned OCGA Contract Officer following these guidelines:

Proposal Components Grant and subaward grant activity Contract and subaward contract activity

Final proposal package, including draft of the sciences portion

8 a.m., four (4) working days prior to the sponsor’s published deadline

8 a.m., five (5) working days prior to the sponsor’s published deadline

Final text for the sciences portion

Noon the day before the sponsor's published deadline

Noon the day before the sponsor's published deadline

Proposals received in advance of the OCGA Proposal Submission Timelines will be processed first.

Emergency circumstances will occur. In the event you cannot make the OCGA Proposal Submission Timelines, please inform your Department Business Officer or fund manager as early as possible so they can provide support and help notify OCGA.

Notifying OCGA of such emergencies allows us to anticipate and assist with the pending proposal.

Proposals received after the OCGA Proposal Submission Timelines are not guaranteed to be successfully submitted.

Reasons include:

  • Errors that result in a rejection and require a resubmission to the Sponsors’ automated web services system.
  • Network volume can slow down transmission of a proposal to Sponsors’ automated web services system and result in a proposal submission missing the Sponsor's deadline. 

Periodic reports will be sent to the Chair, Director, Dean, Assistant Dean and Business Officers reflecting proposal submission data to assist with Departmental compliance.