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ORA - Subventions For Scholarly Publications

Read about the process for subvention requests.

To partially offset the costs of publications, some university presses ask prospective authors for subsidies. A modest amount of funding is available for subvention requests. Book-length manuscripts that have been accepted by established university presses or learned societies will be considered. Recordings and other forms of publication in the arts will also be eligible for support.

The following procedures apply for subvention requests:

  1. Ordinarily subventions will be in the range of $1,000 to $1,500 depending on the scale of the publication and the availability of funding. Subvention requests should be submitted only after the home department has first been solicited by the faculty member for funding assistance.
  2. Requests are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be limited to one per faculty member per year with priority given to first-time applicants
  3. Once the subvention funding for the financial year is expended, ORA does not maintain a queue for requests; Applicants will need to submit a re-application in the subsequent financial year.
  4. To make the fund as self-renewing as possible, faculty members whose scholarly works are subsidized must agree to pay into the subvention fund all royalties resulting from the publication or sale of subsidized material. Payments cease when the amount of the subvention is paid back. Faculty members whose subvention requests are approved will receive a document to sign and agree to these terms.
  5. A request for subvention should include:
    1. a brief statement from the author describing the proposed publication;
    2. a letter from the prospective publisher requesting a subvention
    3. a letter from the department chair endorsing the faculty member’s request
    4. a detailed budget demonstrating a cost-share for an ORA match
  1. Send subvention requests to the Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of Research Affairs, mailcode 0043 or
  2. Departments will be informed of the approval or non-approval of a subvention request.
  3. Approved subvention funds are paid directly to the department for payment of invoices.

Transfer of funds to departments will require department chartstring information (entity/13991/financial unit/activity/project/task). Fund will be provided in 13991 funds.

For more information, contact our main desk at (858) 534-9758.