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Registration Fee Payment Policy

Students can now be dropped from classes if they do not pay mandatory registration fees on time.

Registration payment

Beginning Fall Quarter 2009, mandatory registration fees must be paid before the first day of classes for students to avoid being dropped from classes.

All students must make payment, or make arrangements for payment via departmental funding of registration fees, financial aid, or the TRIP program before the first day of classes.

Class cancellation

Students who do not pay their fees on time:

  • Will be dropped from that quarter's classes and waitlists
  • Must be prepared to pay or make arrangements for payment of registration fees immediately if they intend to re-enroll
  • Have no guarantee of being able to re-enroll in the original classes
  • Must add themselves to the end of waitlists for full classes that they have been dropped from or find an alternate course
For more information, contact the Registrar's Office.