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UCSD Patient Accounts Receivable W-9s

See a list of UCSD departmental ID numbers for patient billing.

For almost all purposes, use the UCSD Campus ID Number:95-6006144 (PDF). However, for certain Patient Accounts Receivable, you will need to select from the list of UCSD departmental ID numbers below.

Note: Each ID number links to a PDF file.

UCSD department
(Use ID numbers for patient billing only.)
ID number
UCSD Department of Radiology 20-5892682
UCSD Medical Group 23-7064656
UCSD Radiation Oncology 26-0622624
UCSD Cancer Center 27-4440873
UCSD Radiology Neuro Interventional Services 30-0561639
UCSD Physician Associates 30-0634090
Eating Disorder and Research Center 32-0230033
UCSD Orthopedics/ Clinic & Surgery 33-0541970
UCSD Pediatric Associates 33-0541971
UCSD Surgery/ Trauma/ Burn 33-0558502
UCSD Vascular Lab 33-0569271
UCSD Head and Neck Surgery 33-0571597
UCSD Med-Cytogenetics 33-0578054
UCSD Medical Center 33-0599494
UCSD Opthalmology/ Shiley Optical 33-0623242
UCSD PED/ Cystine Determination Lab 33-0646799
UCSD Core Cell Culture Facility 33-0646800
California Tay-Sachs Program 33-0685903
UCSD Emergency Physicians 33-0702174
Hartson Medical Service — Laidlaw 33-0724270
UCSD Senior Health Plan (Managed Care) 33-0768059
UCSD Dialysis Center 33-0768277
UCSD Biochemical Genetics 33-0833316
UCSD Neuroscience Labs 33-0838878
UCSD Neurosurgery 33-0915278
UCSD Student Health Service 35-2406380
UCSD Radiation Oncology South Bay 80-0519972
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