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Costing Policy & Analysis

Welcome to the Costing Policy and Analysis Office at UC San Diego.


  • Overseeing the systems used to calculate indirect cost rates for sponsored research, instruction, and other sponsored activities
  • Developing and negotiating indirect cost rate proposals, including developing strategies, alternate allocation methods, and campus procedures for maximizing indirect cost recovery that comply with OMB Circular A-21, relevant federal regulations, and university policies
  • Conducting ad-hoc cost studies and creating statistical allocation tables to ensure that direct and indirect costs are equitably allocated
  • Analysing and responding to proposed federal regulation changes that may impact campus recovery or rates
  • Manages the campus recharge activities review process, developes and matains the campus recharge policies and procedures, establishing and revising the overhead rate used for sales and services to non-university customers, and helping departments develop and refine recharge costing practices
  • Managing campus debt capacity, and coordinating all external financing on capital projects
  • Reporting all facility revenue and debt service and facility operating expenses for research revenue bond (Garamendi) projects
  • Analysing budget and finance issues, such as utilities budget formulas, or financing of research facilities, including recommending  systemwide and campus data collection and computer systems and drafting position papers
  • Developing enhancements to the comprehensive rate information system used at all UC campuses
  • Consulting with campus staff and departments, organized research units, and service centers regarding costing issues and federal regulations 
If you or your team are looking for recharge support, do not hesitate to reach out to us by emailing or scheduling a 30-minute appointment with our team here.