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Costing Policy & Analysis

Our team serves as a collaborative partner, diligently providing a wide array of services centered around financial and administrative management to support our campus community.

In our Indirect Rate Proposal Development service, we employ collaboration and strategic thinking to craft and negotiate indirect cost rate proposals. With a focus on strategies, alternate allocation methods, and campus procedures, our aim is to optimize indirect cost recovery in compliance with Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200), relevant federal regulations, and university policies.

When managing campus recharge activities, our team oversees the review process, develops and maintains recharge policies, revises overhead rates for non-university customers, and assists departments in refining their costing practices. We also tackle complex budget and financial issues such as utilities budget formulas and research facility financing, guiding the development of data collection methods and computer systems across the campus.

Central to our operations, and one of the most impactful services we offer, is our consultation service. Available to a wide array of campus entities - from staff and departments to organized research units and service centers - this service focuses on sharing our deep-seated knowledge of a broad spectrum of costing issues and federal regulations. Our ultimate goal is to empower the campus community, providing them with essential understanding and tools, enabling them to navigate these complex areas with confidence and competence. This invaluable service underscores our commitment to the overall success and financial health of our campus community.

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