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Buying Cash Registers and Point-of-Sale Equipment

Learn the requirements for purchasing cash registers and point-of-sale equipment.

All cash registers and point-of-sale equipment purchased for use in university business must meet university standards.

Contact Internal Controls & Accounting to ensure your equipment:

  • Restricts access, which could include locks and unique login codes
  • Has a numbering mechanism that automatically generates and records unique, consecutive transaction numbers
  • Restricts numbering mechanism access to the manufacturer's service representative or appropriate personnel, independent of that cashiering station
  • Prints a receipt for each transaction with the date, campus, department, cashier, and transaction number
  • Omits credit card number (except for the last 4 digits) and expiration date on receipts when a card is used
    Note: Equipment processing credit card payments must comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules.

For more details, see UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-49 (PDF).

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