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Using Manual Receipts

Learn about procedures for using manual receipts.

You may need to use manual receipts for off-site sales, during power outages, or if your department has infrequent sales transactions. Follow these procedures to comply with UCSD requirements:

Include the following information on each receipt

  • Cashier initials
  • Cashier identifier (name, cashier code)
  • Date
  • Amount
  • UCSD department
  • Method of payment
  • Items purchased/paid for
  • A statement that the receipt is an official UCSD receipt

Other requirements

  • Receipts must have pre-printed consecutive numbers.
  • Keep a copy of each manual receipt as well as any voided or unused receipts for accounting and auditing purposes.
  • Balance your receipts against revenue on a daily basis.
  • Record and investigate any discrepancies.

Note: Order receipt books from Marketplace, or create them using Microsoft Word or Excel.

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