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CIPERB: Customers, Invoices, Project Expenses Report & Billing

CIPERB is a new tool that will provide full functionality for individuals to manage customers under the Accounts Receivable module in the OFC application. Customer data created and updated via CIPERB will be updated real-time in Oracle to improve customer experiences and increase operational efficiency.

Training Hours

Ask questions and receive guidance on the CIPERB application during one of the upcoming training sessions.

Please register for one of the following sessions:

CIPERB Training 1 Tuesday 04/23/24 10AM-11AM
CIPERB Training 2 Wednesday 05/01/24 10AM-11AM
CIPERB Training 3 Wednesday 05/08/24 10AM-11AM
CIPERB Training 4 Wednesday 05/15/24 10AM-11AM
CIPERB Training 5 Wednesday 05/22/24 10AM-11AM
CIPERB Training 6 Wednesday 06/05/24 10AM-11AM
CIPERB Training 7 Thursday 06/20/24 10AM-11AM


CIPERB is utilized to create customer accounts in Oracle.
  • In Oracle, invoices are sent to customers, and payments are sent to Suppliers.
  • A Customer is a person or business that UCSD needs to bill for services that UCSD provides.
  • A Supplier is a person or business that provides UCSD with a service that UCSD needs to pay the business for.
  • If a supplier account is required instead, please use PaymentWorks.

Customer: A party, an organization, or a person, with whom you have a selling relationship. This selling relationship can result from purchasing products and services or negotiating terms and conditions that provide the basis for future purchases.

Customer Account: A customer account represents the attributes of the business relationship that a customer can enter into with UCSD. The account has information about the terms and conditions of doing business with UCSD.

You can create multiple customer accounts for a customer, to maintain information about different categories of business activities. For example, to track invoices for different types of sales, you can maintain an account for sponsored research, service agreements, consulting services, etc.

Contact: A person who communicates for or acts on behalf of a customer or customer account. Contacts are added at the customer level internally and can be assigned at the account or address/site level. Multiple contacts can be added.

Sites/Addresses: A site is where the customer is physically located. Party sites are added internally at the customer level but created at the account level. An account site is a customer site used in the context of an account. Multiple sites can be added under an account.

Roles and Access

5 primary roles will be defined for CIPERB application:


Role Name

Role Description

Role Workflow


User can View any data in CIPERB

No Workflow-anyone can have this role


User can only view Non-SP Data (non-sp customers, no FER, etc)

Non Sponsored data access


User can only view SP Data (sp customers, FER, etc.)

SPF access only


User can create/edit Customers (Parties)

Department Approval + AR Team Approval


User can create/edit Customer Accounts

Department Approval


  1. CIPERB_MANAGE_SP_USER + CIPERB_MANAGE_CUSTOMER = Able to add/edit Customers & Sponsored Project Customers (Parties and accounts) (SP Super User)
  2. CIPERB_MANAGE_GP_USER + CIPERB_MANAGE_CUSTOMER = Manage Customer & Others Customers (Parties and accounts) (GP Super User)
  3. CIPERB_MANAGE_SP_USER + CIPERB_MANAGE_CUSTOMER_ACCT = Able to add/edit Sponsored Project Accounts
  4. CIPERB_MANAGE_GP_USER + CIPERB_MANAGE_CUSTOMER_ACCT  = Able to add/edit Other Accounts

Customer Create Flowchart


Additional Resources

Demo & Training Videos

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal or call the Finance Help Line at (858) 246-4237.