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Delegation of Authority and Potential Risk: Human Resources

Read the Administrative Responsibilities Handbook's section on human resources responsibilities and delegation of authority.

Aministrative officials can delegate certain duties to staff. Even so, administrative officials remain accountable for all activities in their areas of responsibility and should take appropriate precautions to avoid risk.

Responsibilities that cannot be delegated by administrative officials

  • Managing overall department
  • Delineating roles and responding to compliance issues as they arise
  • Fostering the UCSD Principles of Community
  • Promoting a departmental environment that respects legal and ethical requirements and university policies

Responsibilities that can be delegated by administrative officials

  • Maintaining up-to-date job descriptions with proper signatures
  • Implementing University non-discrimination and affirmative action policies and UCSD human resources policies
  • Coordinating efforts to resolve human resource issues and potential problems
  • Establishing and maintaining plans, standards, and expectations for performance management
  • Maintaining and documenting human resource actions
  • Processing the appropriate forms and ensuring that the information is readily available

Note: Whenever human resources duties are delegated to staff, the employee should understand the responsibilities, abide by the policies and procedures governing the assignment, and understand the administrative structure that has jurisdiction in the assigned areas.

Practices that should be in place to avoid risk

  • Complaints, legal actions, and grievances: Immediately contact the appropriate central administrative support department when issues arise.
  • New hires or salary changes: Employment offers for hire or promotion must be reviewed and the salary level pre-approved by Human Resources and department budget personnel.
  • Academic appointments and academic reviews: Administrative officials should adhere to academic personnel policies and procedures.
  • Classification of positions: Only properly delegated individuals (in Human Resources or those delegated by their vice chancellor) can classify positions.
  • Timekeeping: Employees' hours worked and paid (including vacation, sick leave, etc.) must be accurately documented and reported according to policies governing the classification.
  • Policy interpretations: Contact the Employee Relations Division when advice or counsel is needed to apply UCSD policies.
  • Performance appraisals: Provide complete, honest, and timely performance appraisals for all employees on a regular basis.