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Delegation of Authority and Potential Risk: Environment, Health, and Safety

Read the Administrative Responsibilities Handbook's section on responsibilities and delegation of authority in the areas of environment, health, and safety.

Administrative officials can delegate certain duties to staff. Even so, administrative officials remain accountable for all activities in their areas of responsibility and should take appropriate precautions to avoid risk.

Responsibilities that cannot be delegated by administrative officials

  • Being accountable for safety leadership and environmental awareness
  • Being accountable for compliance with UCSD policies and official safety and health directives
  • Ensuring that no one is exposed to recognized and unmitigated hazards
  • Assuring that employees attend required safety training

Responsibilities that can be delegated by administrative officials

  • Performing administrative functions that support and document safety awareness program participation and emergency action plans
  • Assuring compliance with laboratory and other safety guidelines
  • Promoting a safe and healthy work environment
  • Designating a safety officer or department committee to implement safety programs
  • Developing and maintaining departmental emergency action plans
  • Reporting and documenting injuries and accidents
  • Reporting any occurence of environmental pollution

Practices that should be in place to avoid risk

  • Identification of a "serious concealed danger": Notify affected employees and Cal/ OSHA in writing within 15 days of an incident as required by the Corporate Criminal Liability Act of 1989.
  • Remodels and construction plans: Have EH&S review and approve plans before construction begins.
  • Vacated space and laboratory relocations: EH&S clearance requirements must be met prior to entry of construction personnel and/ or future occupancy.
  • Granting agencies: Granting agencies may stipulate specific safety requirements.
  • Outside inspection requests: Contact EH&S when outside regulatory officials request entry for inspection.
  • Hazardous waste and chemical disposal: When an employee leaves UCSD, hazardous waste and unwanted chemicals must be properly disposed of and useful chemicals must be put under the control of another responsible party.

If a situation involving health or safety risks occurs or seems likely to occur, involve the appropriate office immediately.