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Administrative Accountability

Administrative officials must develop an appropriate structure for effectively handling university resources. This may involve delegating some tasks to employees within the unit or department. This page clarifies those areas that cannot be re-delegated to others.

The chancellor has delegated various financial, administrative, and management responsibilities to administrative officials responsible for the operation of their departments or business units. This delegation from the chancellor also passes through the dean of each division and school and the director of the Medical Center to equivalent management personnel.

While administrative officials may delegate many of their responsibilities, they cannot delegate accountability. They retain accountability for the following activities in their area of responsibility:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, university policies, and collective bargaining agreements, and with the terms and conditions of gifts, contracts, and grants
  • Maintenance of a sound financial condition and good business practices for the department or business unit
  • Establishment of an effective system of internal controls consistent with the UCSD Principles of Accountability and Regulatory Compliance
  • Adherence to ethical business standards
  • Administration of human resource activities in a manner that fosters diversity in the workforce and ensures due process
  • Ensuring appropriate access to, and use of, university information and systems, including the integrity of data and transactions entered or modified by staff in their area of responsibility
  • Protecting university assets, including the proper use and disposition of personal and sensitive information