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Internal Controls and Accounting (ICA) Teams

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 There is a wealth of knowledgeable and expertise within the teams which include:

Capital/Fixed Assets Accounting 

Handles the full spectrum of managing the University’s Capital Assets processes, reconciliations and audits and solely handles the administration of Capital Projects in PPM and the Fixed Asset Module.  Highlights of these responsibilities include the calculation and reconciliation activities for: Capitalization, Disposals, Transfers, Depreciation, Leases, SBITAs (Subscription-Based IT Arrangements) and Debt Services. This team has accountability of ensuring compliance related to Capital Assets as put forth by GASB are implemented timely and in accordance with UC Office of the President (OP) mandates.  Their fiscal year-end close activities tend to be year-round, starting in January through May of the following year with roll forwards which include debts & assets with various commitments, reporting requirements and timely reconciliations/adjustments.

Financial Controls/ Campus Accounting 

focus is on financial controls that safeguards the University’s financial position by managing and ensuring movement of funds between our campus, other UC entities, and OP have been done properly and the balance sheets accounts are balanced.  They handle the entire transaction lifecycle of intercampus transactions (Interlocation Transfer of Funds & Intercampus Recharges), working with individuals and the other central business offices.  The Campus Accounting side provides high level accounting oversight guidance to many VC areas with concentrated efforts toward Student Financial Services (SFS) and Financial Aid in support of our student population and assists with federal financial aid reporting. They manage Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) associated with tax analysis and reporting and works closely with OP to ensure year-end figures balance.

Financial Reporting Controls & Analysis 

ensures reliability and timely preparation of financial statements. To achieve this objective, Financial Reporting Controls & Analysis designs and implements policies and procedures, as well as evaluates existing processes and controls to ensure the accuracy of financial data used in the preparation of financial statements. To assist with financial data that have significant impacts on campus unit financial operations, they provide analytical studies to diverse groups including external parties, UCOP, other UC campuses, and various departments across UC San Diego. They also support BFS initiatives and specific topic-based projects, such as ledger reconciliation, variance analysis, and OFC financial data and transaction validation. Additionally, Financial Reporting Controls & Analysis performs regular procedures to strengthen oversight of various financial functions, including balance sheet account reconciliations, revenue review, and resource and cost transfer review.

General Ledger and Financial Accounting 

oversees the efforts to protect and ensure the integrity of the University’s general ledger financials and manage the creation and edits of Chart Segments in Oracle’s Enterprise Data Management Cloud (EDMCS). They regularly perform flux analysis which is a process to check and understand the variations in financial metrics. Other key responsibilities are the administration of Agency Funds and partnerships with Marine Science, Health Science, Medical Center, Health Physician Group and Population Health Service Organization to support their operational interaction with campus systems. This team ensures timely quarterly Sales and Use tax filings and payments to the government, handles the payment posting of short-term investment pool (STIP) and collaborates with ITS to allocate STIP on a monthly basis. The monthly and fiscal year end system close process is directed by this team as they coordinate with various subledger leads to ensure all ledgers close properly. They collaborate with various teams to prepare the Detailed Financial Schedules for year end reporting.

Payroll Financial Management 

manages the complexity of UCPath payroll transactions posting to Oracle and oversees reconciliations, reliability and questions related to these processes. This team is the customer support bridge between UCPath payroll transactions to Oracle General Ledger postings and are the subject matter experts to provide guidance, direction and concentrated attention toward assisting customers with payroll related: reconciliations, reporting, assessments, default project balances, funding entry questions and guidance on appropriate chart segments to use and/or advise on combo codes, direct retros & benefits cost transfers (UCPath).  They oversee and manage the Glacier Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance System (Glacier) for international visitors receiving payments from UCPath. Glacier is used by all University of California campuses for gathering tax-related information from noncitizens so payments can be correctly taxed and reported.

Internal Controls & Fiscal Close

provides guidance, direction, and coordination for internal control activities across our campus departments.  One major area of internal control is managing the process for requesting access to our financial systems and this team serves as the business owner for the Oracle & Concur Roles Request Form in the Services & Support portal and provides support for roles and access inquiries. Another major area of internal control is monitoring the separation of duties conflicts for roles assigned to users in OFC using the Risk Management Module.  Our internal controls program includes serving as representatives in finance governance workgroups, supporting compliance with internal control policies, and providing leadership support.  Also, this team provides fiscal close administration to our campus departments by coordinating and directing the fiscal close activities and providing the resources that ensure fiscal close activities are completed. This team serves as the main contact between our campus and UCOP for fiscal close and serves as the main contact and liaison between the campus and our external auditors for our year-end financial audits.  Along with the other ICA teams, this team gathers and validates financial data and reports.