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Greener Product Alternatives

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Greener Choice Program

Our Greener Choice program makes it easy to find product alternatives that follow stringent Thermo Fisher criteria and meet one or more environmental benefits from the U.S. FTC Green Guides. 

Helping You Make The Greener Choice

Look for the green leaf icon when shopping in the Thermo Fisher Scientific punchout to find Greener Choice products.

Green Leaf Icon for Thermo Fisher Scientific Greener Products Program in Oracle

What makes Thermo Fisher’s greener product alternatives different?

  • Less hazardous: products are either inherently less hazardous, or those that generate less hazardous waste
  • Less waste: products generate less waste and/or use fewer resources, reducing the need to use other materials like disposable plastics
  • Energy-efficient: products, including instruments and equipment, operate with less energy than comparable products; our energy-efficient reagents are designed to be stored ambient, saving freezer space as well
  • Sustainable packaging: includes reduced packaging material for products as well as updated product designs that include recyclable packaging
  • Sustainable disposal: includes products that have recycling or take-back programs, as well as products that are designed to be upgradable to extend their useful life
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