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Bank Wires: How to Check for Unclaimed Fund Transfers

Find out how to view and help identify unclaimed bank wire transfers.

The University receives many bank wires that remain unclaimed. General Accounting periodically updates the lost wire list (Active Directory log in required) with dates, descriptions, and amounts of unclaimed bank wires. (All amounts reflect the transfer balance minus bank fees.)

If you recognize a transfer or have information that might be useful in finding the "owner," e-mail General Accounting with as much information as you have, including:

  • Index
  • Fund
  • Organization
  • Account

Mail or fax copies of relevant documents such as invoices, letters, or contracts that validate your claim to:

General Accounting: Bank Wires
Mail Code 0953
Fax: (858) 534-8533

Find out about receiving electronic fund transfers (wires & ACHs)


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