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Buyer Tips: GovConnection

Find out how to buy computer products from GovConnection.

GovConnection carries a variety of computers and computer-related items. In most cases, GovConnection can provide quotes for business, education, and home-use systems.

GovConnection benefits

  • Information via e-mail or telephone
  • Free ground freight or discounted next-day freight to UCSD end users
  • Ordering by Procurement Card

More information

GovConnection website
Contact: Todd Bryan
Phone: (800) 800-0019 Ext. 33038
Fax: (603) 683-0253

Contact Andrew Bunker.
Notice: UCSD Procurement & Contracts endorses all on-campus suppliers. Other suppliers listed on this page have reliably provided goods and services to UCSD in the past. However, UCSD Procurement & Contracts does not intend their inclusion to be an endorsement.