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Executive Recruitment Services (ERS)

Our mission is to identify and provide outstanding candidates to our higher education clients through partnerships built on sound ethical practices, customer services and communication.

ERS Overview

Executive Recruitment Services (ERS) is a retained national executive search firm dedicated to hiring exceptional leaders for our clients by combining the best of the executive search process and our in-depth knowledge of higher education and mission-driven organizations. We are committed to providing personalized and comprehensive executive search services that are tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. We work closely with organizational leaders, hiring managers, and search committees to ensure that we fully understand the campus and business needs for every one of our searches.

We are committed to a strategic approach to Executive Search, and manage an extensive full search process that has many components to build a high-quality diverse pool of applicants. We work closely with our clients to determine their preferences and provide a staffing solution in alignment with their business needs. All designated searches are under exclusive agreement and we work until a successful hire is accomplished.

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  • Executive Recruitment Services (ERS) is an executive search team created in 2007 to address the university’s growing demand for talent.
  • We are based at UC San Diego and partner with other universities and organizations nationally.
  • We offer a full-service executive search management tailored to the needs of our client.
  • We focus on senior leadership and hard to fill searches within a variety of core business operations and other higher education specialties.


Executive Recruitment Services (ERS) offers your department:

  • Expertise: We bring extensive hands-on experience from a variety of specialties and a deep understanding of executive search within a higher education setting. 
  • Collaboration: We partner with you on all stages of the search while integrating your internal process in alignment with our formula for success.
  • Diversity: We understand that having employees with a broader set of skills, experiences, and points of view all contribute to a more complete and successful organization.
  • Results: We are passionate about our work and most importantly the outcome. Our results are proven.


ERS is able to offer the most competitive fees in the industry for executive search. Please contact us for more detailed information. 

Successful Searches Performed by ERS

  • Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs – UC Merced
  • Associate Chancellor – UC Merced
  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Life – UC Davis
  • Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students – UC Santa Cruz 
  • Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Compliance Officer – UC San Diego
  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Capital Program Management – UC San Diego
  • Associate Vice President, Faculty Affairs – California State University, Long Beach
  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment – UC San Diego
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Safety – UC San Diego
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Affairs – UC San Diego
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor, Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT) – UC San Diego
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor, Resource Administration – UC San Diego
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – UC San Diego
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – UC Santa Cruz
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – UC Davis
  • Endowed Chair – California State University, Long Beach
  • Vice Provost, Academic Programs & Dean of Graduate Studies – California State University, Long Beach
  • Dean, College of Biosciences – The Scripps Research Institute
  • Dean of Student Affairs - UC San Diego
  • Dean of Undergraduate Education – UC San Diego
  • Senior Associate Dean – UC Los Angeles
  • Assistant Dean of Students/Judicial Affairs – UC San Diego
  • Assistant Dean for Graduate Business Programs - UC San Diego
  • Assistant Dean of Students – UC Santa Barbara
  • Assistant Dean of Social Sciences – UC San Diego
  • Assistant Dean, Arts and Humanities – UC San Diego
  • Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration – UC San Diego
  • Administrative Vice Chair, Pathology – UC San Diego
  • Executive Director, Real Estate – UC San Diego
  • Executive Director, Housing Dining and Hospitality – UC San Diego
  • Director of the Office for Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination – UC San Diego
  • Director of Development – San Diego Museum of Art
  • Executive Director, Student Academic Success Center – UC Davis
  • Director, Undergraduate Admissions – UC San Diego
  • Director, Financial Aid – UC Davis
  • Director of Recreation – UC San Diego
  • Director of Investigations – UC San Diego
  • Director of Sports Facilities – UC San Diego
  • Associate Director, Residential Success and Community – UC San Diego
  • UC Scout Teachers – UC Santa Cruz

A comprehensive list of recently completed searches is available upon request.


ERS understands successful organizations thrive with a diverse workforce; therefore, ERS is committed to equal opportunity.  ERS has a history of providing diverse candidate pools to our clients.  Candidate diversity is a focus at all stages of the search starting with understanding campus underutilization.  All applicants receive fair and impartial consideration without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic data, or religion or other legally protected status.  Our process is consistent and compliant with EEOC requirements. 


If the selected candidate terminates for any reason except for organizational realignment, death or disability within one year from the dates of hire, ERS will reopen the search and replace the selected candidate for no additional professional fee.  The client would only be responsible for new advertising and approved administrative costs associated with a new search. 

Client References

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