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Access Rights for Employee Organizations

Read the rules and link to policy governing the proper times, places, and manner in which employee organizations can meet at UC San Diego.

The Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) provides access rights to employee organizations, stating:

Subject to reasonable regulations, employee organizations shall have the right of access at reasonable times to areas in which employees work, the right to use institutional bulletin boards, mailboxes and other means of communication, and the right to use institutional facilities at reasonable times for the purpose of meetings concerned with the exercise of rights guaranteed by this act.

HEERA also allows UCSD to place reasonable restrictions on the use of UCSD facilities by employee organizations.

Read the full policy (PDF) and review the guidelines regarding use of facilities and time below.

Use of UC San Diego Facilities

Employee organizations and their representatives:

  • May schedule UCSD classroom and meeting rooms when these facilities aren't in use for university purposes, such as teaching or training. Employee groups, as all other groups, must adhere to the guidelines set for each particular meeting space.
  • May not go into inappropriate or prohibited work areas such as clinics, classrooms (during a class), restricted labs, or private student residences.
  • May confer with employees in nonwork areas, such as cafeterias, patios, and picnic areas.
  • May post information on general purpose bulletin boards only, but not on other bulletin boards or on walls, doors, stairways, etc.
  • May contact employees by U.S. mail but not by campus mail. Employee groups may also use employee mail boxes that aren't in restricted work areas.
  • May not use university supplies and equipment including vehicles, computers, projectors, phones, copy machines, and office supplies.

Use of University Time

Employee organizations and their representatives:

  • May meet with employees in nonwork areas only during the employee's nonwork time
  • May not meet with an employee at a time or in a place that disrupts other employees' work
For more information, contact Labor Relations, (858) 534-2810.