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How to Pledge Online to the United Way

Follow these instructions to complete the United Way online pledge.

Paper pledge forms are available from Human Resources,

Continuing donations: To continue your previous payroll deduction without any changes, do nothing. You do not need to resubmit the form.

1. Access the online pledge form.

2. Review the My Information section.

  • Verify your name, employee number and department name.
  • If you find any discrepancies, contact Human Resources, (858) 822-5390.

3. Indicate your gift amount.

  • To give via bimonthly/ monthly payroll deduction (based on your pay cycle):
    • Under My Giving Options, see Payroll Deduction.
    • Enter the amount to be deducted per paycheck.
    • Select the number of paychecks per year (12 monthly or 24 biweekly).
    • The total annual payroll deduction will be automatically calculated.
  • To give a one-time gift:
    • Under My Giving Options, see One-Time Gift.
    • Select the method of payment.
    • Enter the amount of your gift.
    • After you submit the form in step 5, you will see instructions on printing and mailing the pledge form.

Note: If you authorize a payroll deduction, your pledge will be deducted from your paycheck each biweekly/ monthly period until you change or cancel it.

4. Designate your donation for a particular agency (optional).

United Way requires that donations to individual organizations be a minumum of $150 annually. Gifts less than $150 will be invested by United Way.

  1. Indicate the annual dollar amount you wish to give a particular agency.
  2. Type the name of the agency.
  3. Repeat the 2 steps above if you wish to give to another agency.
  4. Indicate the amount and provide its complete name and address.
  5. Ensure the total amount of your designated gifts is the same as the total amount listed under My Giving Options.
  6. Check the appropriate box if you do want your name to be released to the agencies you have designated.

5. Submit your pledge.

  1. Read the acknowledgment statement and check the box underneath.
  2. Click Submit Pledge.
  3. If you gave a one-time gift:
    • You will see information on submitting your pledge.
    • Send checks (payable to "United Way") or credit card information with the signed pledge form via campus mail to:
      UCSD United Way Campaign
      Mail Code 0922
For more information, contact Human Resources,