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Health Plan Wellness Resources

All UC health plans offer wellness benefits--such as wellness coaching, classes, and discounts. Explore what your health plan offers below.

Anthem Blue Cross

  • Telehealth
    • All UC health plans offer phone and/or video options for getting medical and behavioral health advice and care.
  • Self-Care Tools & Apps
    • MyStrength App
    • UC Vita: (Engage Wellbeing) is your personalized digital health assistant, putting your personalized health and benefits information wherever you are.
  • Wellness Coaching
    • ConditionCare - managing ongoing health conditions
    • ComplexCare - create a personal nursing plan for a major health condition
  • Parenting Resources
    • Future Moms: : A registered nurse—experienced in prenatal and postnatal care—will be your health coach through pregnancy and after delivery. Plus, additional support is available from pharmacists, nutritionists and mental health professionals.
  • Wellness Programs & Chronic Diseases Management
    • Condition Care: 24/7 access to a team of health professionals, including nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, social workers and more.
    • ComplexCare: If you have major orthopedic, heart, nerve or cancer-related health issues, Anthem nurse care managers trained in helping higher-risk patients can work with you and your treating doctor to create a personal nursing care plan.
    • Solera: no cost; 16-week, cutting-edge program that offers tools and techniques to lower blood sugar to within the normal range
    • Lose Weight for Less: Anthem offers discounts on programs such as Weight Watchers and Skinny Gene Project, as well as gym memberships and fitness equipment.
  • Health & Fitness Discounts
    • With Anthem's Special Offers, you can get discounts on products and services that help promote better health and well-being.
  • Tobacco Cessation
    • Tobacco Cessation: You may be eligible for no-cost over-the-counter smoking cessation products (when prescribed by a doctor) and behavioral modification programs to help you quit.

Health Net

  • Telehealth
    • All UC health plans offer phone and/or video options for getting medical and behavioral health advice and care.
  • Wellness Coaching
    • Health Coaching program: unlimited access to a registered dietitian or health educator
  • Webinars
  • Wellness Programs & Chronic Diseases Management
    • Omada: A weight loss and management program designed to help you improve your health and avoid diabetes and heart disease.
  • Health & Fitness Discounts
    • Healthy Discounts: This program rewards you for taking action to improve your health. Members get discounts on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, fitness club memberships, and other healthy lifestyle choices.
    • The Active&Fit Direct program: choose from over 10,000 participating fitness centers and YMCAs nationwide for $25 a month (plus a one-time $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes).
  • Tobacco Cessation
    • Smoking Cessation
      • Quit For Life® coaches are available with one-on-one telephonic support
      • Health Promotion program – a six-week online program that provides direction and support as you go through the quitting process

Kaiser Permanente

  • Telehealth
    • All UC health plans offer phone and/or video options for getting medical and behavioral health advice and care.
      • Kaiser Permanente Get Care (for Northern and Southern California):
      • Kaiser 24/7 Care Advice
      • Northern California: 1-866-454-8855
      • Southern California: 1-833-574-2273
  • Wellness Coaching
    • Get one-on-one guidance and support from a dedicated wellness coach who can help you set goals, stick to them, and, most importantly, see results. And you can do it all from the comfort of home.

Health Plan Wellness Workshops/Webinars

This list will be updated as workshops/webinars become available.

Anthem Blue Cross: TBD

Health Net: TBD

Kaiser Permanente: TBD