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Employee-Student Program

Read about the Employee-Student Program available to career employees at UC San Diego.

UC San Diego career employees past their probationary period are eligible to enroll in any class offered in the Schedule of Classes.

Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions: Employees receive a 66% discount in full-time tuition and student services fees. Employees may enroll in a maximum of 9 units or 3 courses per quarter, whichever is greater.

Summer Session: Employees receive a 25% discount on the per unit fees for up to two courses per Summer.

Important note for those taking graduate-level courses: Some UC San Diego graduate degree programs are self-supporting, and therefore do not participate in the educational discount program. Before applying for the discount, be sure to check with the program's home department to confirm that the discount applies.

Eligibility and approval process

  1. Determine your eligibility.
    • Fall, Winter and Spring: Employees are eligible if they are in a career position and past their probationary period.
    • Summer Session: Employees are eligible if they have completed their probationary period and work 50% or more, or a limited appointment of 100%
  2. Get approval to take classes: visit How to Apply for Educational Benefits for instructions.


Fall, Winter and Spring: Employees may enroll in a maximum of 9 units or 3 courses per quarter, whichever is greater.

Note: Do not file for part-time study as employees are assessed full-time fees, even if they are only taking one or two courses.

Summer Session: Employees may enroll in up to 2 classes per summer.

First-time enrollment:

  • Initiate enrollment and registration procedures no later than the first week of the quarter.
  • Complete the Employee-Student Application form (PDF) and submit it to the Registrar's Office, Mail Code 0022.
  • Receive your Personal Identification (PID) and Personal Access Code (PAC) necessary to enroll in classes through TritonLink.
  • Visit How to Enroll in Classes for enrollment procedures.

Continuing students: Observe the enrollment deadline dates posted in the Schedule of Classes.

  • Your enrollment appointment for next quarter is available on TritonLink beginning Monday of the fifth week of the current quarter.
  • An enrollment hold is placed on your record to remind you to complete your Educational Benefits request (campus-funded employees) or TJAC form (Health Sciences employees).
  • The hold is released once the Registrar's Office receives your completed form.
  • Enroll in classes through TritonLink.

Payment of fees

Fall, Winter and Spring: The Registrar's Office will apply the 66% discount to your account as soon as your completed request has been received. See above for instructions for campus-funded and Health Sciences employees.

Summer Session: The Summer Session office will apply the 25% discount to your account as soon as your completed request has been received.

You may pay your fees in person at the Cashier's Office, by E-Check, or by mail using E-Bill.

In order to receive financial aid from UC San Diego, an approved employee-student must be formally admitted into a degree-seeking program. Students not formally admitted into such a program will not be eligible for UC San Diego financial aid.

Dropping classes

Follow the How to Drop a Class procedures.

Candidates for UCSD degree

Acceptance into the employee-student program does not constitute formal admission into a degree-seeking program at UC San Diego. For more information on the admissions application process, visit Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions.

If you're a former UCSD student, follow the procedures for Returning to UCSD After an Absence. Submit a copy of your UCSD ID card with your application to waive the application fee.

Academic standing

Employees enrolled in UCSD classes must adhere to all UCSD academic regulations, including maintaining a 2.00 GPA or better. For additional information, please consult the UCSD General Catalog.

For more information, contact the Registrar's Office, (858) 534-3150 or the Summer Session Office, (858) 534-5258.