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Rideshare Programs, Benefits, and Promotions

UC San Diego has partnered with Lyft to provide convenient and efficient transportation solutions. Learn how to set up and use your profile to maximize partnership benefits.

king triton hailing a lyft - $15 ride credit when you set up a business profile with an @ucsd.edu email address

Unlock your first $15 free ride credit when you set up your business profile and associate it with your @ucsd.edu email address. Then get $5 in personal ride credit for every 5 rides of $10 or more you take in business mode.

Activate your Lyft business profile today.

  1. Download the Lyft app and sign up
  2. Go to 'Settings' and select 'Business profile' 
  3. Enter your @ucsd.edu email 
  4. Enter payment methods (personal/business/travel card etc.)

Use personal mode only when claiming free ride credits or using promotional codes. Switch back to your business profile for all paid, non-promotional rides to keep unlocking incentives.


Travelers, remember to tap into Business Mode to Earn $5 in personal ride credit for every 5 business rides and help drive support for university programs and initiatives.

Simply tap ‘personal’ to switch to ‘business’ on the ride request screen.  (see demo

As part of the partnership, UC San Diego students, faculty, staff, and community members will have access to all of these services that support and benefit the university community:

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Business Travel

Save time and simplify travel by creating a Lyft Business Profile with your @ucsd.edu email address. Employees can expense rides with ease by selecting their preferred payment method for trips, routing business ride receipts directly to their work inbox, and switching easily between personal and professional rides. New activations receive $15 in personal ride credit! See demo.

lyft events


With Lyft Events, departments can ensure University guests have a convenient ride to and from local University sponsored events. How Lyft events work: set up your event, provide the unique event code to guests, and on the day of the event guests can use the promo code for a department funded Lyft ride. For more information see Lyft Events.

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With the Concierge platform, departments can remotely request rides for anyone from employees and guests to students. It is a convenient way to support business transportation needs, with no app or smartphone required. Rides can be requested on demand, or scheduled days in advance. To request Concierge access, please send your request to ASK (login required) and describe how your department will use rideshare services to conduct University business (excludes employees on 'travel status').

safe rides

Safe Rides

The Associated Students have teamed up with Lyft to provide safe rides home for students. The Safe Rides program provides subsidized transportation to students who link their @ucsd.edu email address with a Lyft account. Students can unlock a limited amount of free rides (up to $10 each) per quarter and use the Lyft app to arrange for rides that begin or end within the geofenced areas between set hours. For more details visit UC San Diego Safe Rides.

lyft flex

Lyft FLEX Shared Program

To complement existing alternative commuting programs and reduce parking congestion, employees and students can participate in the Lyft FLEX Shared Ride credit program.

Lyft FLEX Shared Program

  • Get $60 in Lyft shared credit for $50 (20% savings)

Credits can be purchased online through UC San Diego  Transportation Services.

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Friends & Family

Lyft is providing $5 off one ride for Friends and Family of UC San Diego (new users only). Offer the Friends and Family promotion to visiting parents, guests headed to or from the airport, or as encouragement to use rideshare services to attend campus and sporting events. To download the code, visit: UC San Diego | Lyft Friends & Family

Sustainability and Climate Impact Goals

Lyft rides are now carbon-neutral through the direct funding of emission mitigation efforts, including the reduction of emissions in the automotive manufacturing process, renewable energy programs, forestry projects, and the capture of emissions from landfills. Our partner 3Degrees oversees the independent verification of all projects according to rigorous third-party standards, as well as ensures that we are only supporting emission reductions that are new and would not have happened but for Lyft’s investment (known as additionality). The majority of these projects will be in close proximity to our largest markets, and all projects will be US-based.

John Zimmer & Logan Green, Lyft Co-founders

 All Lyft rides are now cabon-neutral. We're helping create a greener futuer through carbon-offset projects - all with no extra work or fees for you.

Note: this page has a friendly link that is easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/lyft