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Learn about the Web Proxy service.

Off-Campus Access Discontinued

Web Proxy service is no longer available for off-campus access, effective on July 13, 2017. However, individual departments  may still have web proxy service available on-campus, to allow systems on private space to acccess the Internet.

Why is Web Proxy no longer offered off-campus?

  1. The Web Proxy service insecurely transmitted network credentials
  2. The infrastructure on which the Proxy operated was end-of-life and insecure. 
  3. There are established services that are better for access from off-campus.

What should I use to connect instead?

  • For off-campus remote access, connect through the UC San Diego VPN service.
  • You can also Talk with Library Support about access options for their resources.
  • Contact your local system administrator to find out if web proxy service is available through your department. 


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