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Read how Web IFIS (Integrated Financial Information System) works and how you can use it.

If you use IFIS, you can access Web IFIS, a graphical interface to the character-based IFIS screens. It's easier to learn than IFIS, and a quick way to process departmental financial transactions. IFIS runs in the background, so any updates you make are reflected immediately in IFIS.

To use Web IFIS, you need:

To open Web IFIS:

  1. Go to FinancialLink and click For IFIS Users.
  2. Select which Official Financial Transaction you'd like to use:
    • Request a payment authorization
    • Prepare a journal voucher
    • Initiate a transfer of funds
    • View a list of online documents requiring your approval.
    • View invoice /payment tracking numbers and documents for a given vendor.
    • View a list of invoice numbers related to a given purchase

For more information: