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TritonGPT Resources & Training

Welcome to the TritonGPT Training Hub

This page is designed to provide staff with access to a variety of training resources and templates, all in one convenient location. Whether you're looking to improve your skills with AI or learn more about TritonGPT specifically, we've got you covered. Our training links and templates are carefully curated and regularly updated to ensure that you have the most comprehensive and reliable support at your fingertips.

AI Essentials at UCSD: Module 1 - Foundations

This course covers foundational Artificial Intelligence concepts, UC policies regarding the usage of AI tools, and opportunities for application in Higher Education.  This self-paced course can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. 

  • UC San Diego employees: Take the course in UC Learning with this link - Access the course.
  • Not a UC San Diego employee?  Check out this version of our course, which was modified for external audiences: Access the course.

AI Essentials at UCSD: Module 2 - TritonGPT

This interactive introduction to TritonGPT provides foundational thinking when applying Language Based AI tools to processes.  This content is only available to UCSD staff.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get access to TritonGPT?  
A. Access the tool here: 

Faculty and Staff from Campus and Health Sciences currently have access through single sign-on. The rollout occurred in phases through May 2024, with each phase inviting approximately 1,000 additional users to test TritonGPT.  
Q. Will UC San Diego students have access to TritonGPT?  
A. We recognize that the TritonGPT Initiative has sparked interest and queries among our student body, who are eager to explore and utilize TritonGPT. We are actively working on plans to expand access to students in a manner that supports academic endeavors while safeguarding the integrity of our digital infrastructure. While we cannot provide a specific timeline at this moment, please know that extending access to our student community is a priority for us, and we will keep you updated on our progress. 
Q. Will UCSD Health staff have access to TritonGPT? 
A. Access to TritonGPT is currently limited to faculty and staff within UCSD Campus and Health Sciences. UCSD Health System leadership team is exploring alternative ways to support work with equivalent tools that meet UCSD’s rigorous standards for data protection and privacy as they relate to health-centric requirements, such as HIPAA. 
Q. Where is TritonGPT hosted?  
A. TritonGPT is hosted on-premises in the San Diego Supercomputer Center, ensuring that our data is secure and controlled.


Q. What version of Llama is powering TritonGPT?  
A. Within the TritonGPT platform, various Large Language Models can be leveraged to power different AI Assistants, each tailored to specific needs. For instance, the UC San Diego Assistant and General AI Assistant are driven by Llama 3, while JD Helper utilizes Llama 2. The reason for this distinction lies in JD Helper's unique workflow, which has yielded more favorable results with Llama 2 compared to Llama 3 in our tests.

Q. What is Danswer?  
A. Danswer is a company founded by two UC San Diego Alumni, Yuhong Sun and Chris Weaver. The Danswer technology integrates the large language model (LLM) with the UC San Diego context to produce natural language responses to anything users want to know about the campus.
Q. Is the model trained or affected by my queries or other information I enter?  
A. The information you place in your prompts will not affect the model. General users will not be able to access the information you enter. If you provide “thumbs” feedback, ITS can use that information to improve future responses. 

Q. If my team's information is not in Blink, will it show up in TritonGPT?  
A. The "UC San Diego Assistant" in TrionGPT focuses on content in Blink to provide focused information on staff processes and policies.  The "General AI Assistant" can provide some information from a department's public-facing websites, but users are advised to carefully prompt the tool. (Example: "Tell me about OSI - Operational Strategic Initiatives - but only reference information found at UCSD"

Q. Can I request for my department's page, which is outside of Blink, to be added to the UC San Diego Assistant?  
A. You may submit a Services and Support ticket with the service category "TritonGPT" to request for your page to be indexed.  Please note that we will prioritize pages that focus on staff support.  For some use cases, it may be more appropriate to consider developing a new "assistant" for your audience.

Q. I have an idea for a new AI assistant. How can I get my assistant developed?  
A. The AI in Administration Workgroup can review and prioritize your request in collaboration with our development team. Review the workgroup information and contact the person who is most aligned with your work area.

Q. What if I have additional questions?  
A. We hope that your first resource for information will be TritonGPT.  Otherwise, you can email us at Please be sure to check out our additional training, templates, and resources as well!

Videos and Other Resources

Example Videos - This series, Everyday I AI, is a collection of 3-minute videos that show example prompts and uses of TritonGPT.  New videos will be released gradually.

Prompting Best Practices - Tips for prompting in AI tools.

User Interface Guide - An interactive look at what the various buttons do within TritonGPT.

Getting Started Guide - A PDF of quick links and reminders for TritonGPT.

Action Verbs & Skills List - Use this list of verbs to boost your prompts.

Use-cases in Ideawave - See how other UCSD staff are using AI and add your ideas.

Services & Support Tickets - If you are experiencing access issues or technical challenges, please submit a ticket with the service of "TritonGPT".

Virtual Background - Help us keep TritonGPT in the discussion by adding this image as your virtual background!