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UC San Diego's AI Strategy

IT Services is strategically integrating AI technologies to advance UC San Diego's mission, prioritizing cost-effectiveness and data security.

IT Services Support of Generative AI

In line with our commitment to innovation and effective service delivery, IT Services is strategizing how we harness Machine Learning and Generative AI in a financially responsible and ethically sound manner. Our strategy focuses on two primary avenues for integrating these technologies.

Internal Integration

Our initial emphasis is on the careful assimilation of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI into our existing IT infrastructure. Following rigorous evaluation and contract scrutiny, this approach allows us to customize AI applications to meet the specific demands of our academic community and safeguard our enterprise data.

Vendor Collaboration

Simultaneously, we are exploring partnerships with key technology providers, including ServiceNow, Microsoft, and Google, to integrate their advanced AI capabilities into our operations. As we venture into these new technological landscapes, we remain vigilant in considering the financial implications of AI deployments. Our vendor interactions are strictly governed by the University of California's data protection and security policies, encompassing Electronic Information Security, Electronic Communication, Export Control, FERPA, and HIPAA standards.

Whether we opt for tailor-made solutions or third-party applications, our objective is to equip our staff with cutting-edge technological tools, always with a focus on data security and ethical standards.

Need help? Contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357.