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Research Administration Training Program: Meet the Team

Meet the members of the Research Administration Training Program that help develop and create content for training.

Core Team

Find out about the core team working day-to-day on bringing more Research Administration offerings to UC San Diego.

Development Committee

A work group of subject matter experts will be assembled to assist with the creation, coordination and implementation of deliverables. The group will consist of members that represent all three Vice Chancellor areas, Fund Managers or equivalents, MSO/DBOs or equivalents, at least one HR representative and will have Central Office representatives as appropriate. This group will also strive to have representation from both Departments and Organizes Research Units (ORUs) as well as active ORUBA and/or ABA members to provide a balanced team of campus-wide representation.

Learning Leaders

Meet the instructors of the Research Administration Training Program. We call our instructors Learning Leaders because they are more than your typical trainer. Not only are they experts in their fields, but they are knowledgeable in adult learning instructional design and presentation principles.