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Research Administration Training Program: Project Overview

Learn About the Research Administration Training Program.

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The purpose of this project is to create a comprehensive enterprise-wide research administration educational certification program that establishes and maintains individual and organizational learning and knowledge about research administration topics, programs and systems.


In creating the Research Administration Training Program there are five primary objectives:

Skills Acquisition

To build, establish and maintain research administrators skills and abilities

Knowledge Acquisition

To build, establish and maintain research administrators information and knowledge in order to better perform the functions of the job

Problem Solving and Affective Learning (Behavior)

To cultivate and transfer methods of dealing with work and management issues

Talent Retention

To retain talented employees

Professional Growth and Development

To provide professional development opportunities for research administration staff

Deliverables / Scope

Short Term Scope

Long Term Scope

The program is designed to be flexible, scaling appropriately over time. Additional resources may be needed to support all campus-wide research administration positions.

We will collaborate with the UC San Diego Research Administration  community and subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop content including:

  • Pre-award
  • Post-award
  • Compliance
  • Research administration tools and systems

Content will correspond with the Sponsored Research Administration Human Resources Career Track (see the Sponsored Research Administrator Matrix and Job Cards PDF) and may leverage existing training content and materials from both internal and external sources.

Out of Scope

  • General software skills training (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
  • General professional development (leadership, change management, supervisory training, etc.)
  • General mandatory compliance based training (sexual harassment, cyber safety, etc.)


Current offerings

Future offerings

  • Workshops
  • Games

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