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Get Started Tips for Research Administration Activities

Get started with these four tips and stay current with news and resources about key research administration activities.

Whether you are a new employee or have been granted new responsibilities, we want to welcome you! We know that so much information is coming at you and that you are (or will be soon) handling many things, which makes it easy to lose touch with what’s going on. Don’t worry though, here are four tips to help you stay current with the news and resources that expand your knowledge of key research administration activities!

Get Access to Kuali Research

Roles and definitions for Kuali Research Access

Request access to Kuali Research (you do not need to request access for Kuali IRB)

Log in to Kuali Research (access required)

Complete the Onboarding Checklist

Download the onboarding checklist.

Required Research Administration Training

Training Description Location
RA Training Fundamentals: Orientation Introduction to the UC system, UCSD and sponsored research. Virtual Live Instructor-led course
RA Training Fundamentals: Glossary Introduction to the language and acronyms commonly used in sponsored research and at UCSD. Virtual Live Instructor-led course
RA Training Fundamentals: Pre-award Toolbox Introduction to pre-award systems, tools and resources. Virtual Live Instructor-led course
RA Training Fundamentals: Post-award Toolbox Introduction to post-award systems, tools and resources. Virtual Live Instructor-led course


Recommended Systems Training

Training Description Location
Introduction to Kuali Research Proposal Development Learn how to build a basic proposal in Kuali Research (non- System-to-System). UC Learning e-Learning Course
Kuali Proposal Development: Submitting an Unfunded Agreement Learn how to create and submit an Unfunded Agreement in the Kuali Research Proposal Development module. Virtual Live Instructor-led course
How to Create an Outgoing Subaward or Multi-Campus Agreement in Kuali Research Learn how to create and edit a subaward, as well as process an invoice, add a modification and close a subaward in the Kuali Research Subaward module. UC Learning e-Learning Course
Oracle: Introduction to PPM Awards Award beginning-to-end process, award and project set-up and maintenance. Manage and review costs, and closeout process. UC Learning e-learning Course


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