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New Award Checklist

Please print and use the New Award Checklist below to get started.

 New Award Checklist

Award setup email received from Sponsored Projects Finance (including Notice of Award)- read Notice of Award carefully and highlight special terms and conditions, check to see if there was a budget reduction, note reporting deadlines, check if the proposal falls under the Federal Demonstration Project and if carryover is allowed without prior approval.
Notify PI of new award; forward award setup email with Notice of Award attached and send full chartstring. If there are special terms and conditions or a budget reduction- make sure to tell PI. If there are multiple PIs with separate budgets on the project or subrecipients, communicate with PI to determine how budget will be split.
Discuss payroll changes that are needed with Principal Investigator to move personnel onto new project; coordinate with appropriate HR office (in training, introduce the idea of UC Path combo codes)
Submit request to create additional tasks for subawards and multi-Principal Investigators to Sponsored Projects Finance award accountant
If award has cost sharing, make sure Sponsored Projects Finance award accountant has set up cost sharing specific project; if not, alert Sponsored Projects Finance that cost sharing is included and needs to be set-up
Make sure Principal Investigator, task manager(s) and fund manager(s) have appropriate project/task roles; submit a Services & Support ticket if necessary

Create electronic folder on department server

  • Format: <Agency>_<Grant #>_<Kuali Research Award Number>_<Project Number>_<Award Project End Date>
  • Example: NIH R35GM141939 307060 2016062 6.26
Award Correspondence (award setup, agency communication, NCE notices)
Internal Documentation (cost transfers, budget allocation backup, Principal Investigator documentation)

Notice of Awards

  • Format: <Agency>_<Grant # including Grant Year>_<Kuali Research Award Number>_<Award Budget End Date>
  • Example: NIH R35GM141939-01 307060 6.26
Proposal files
Subawards (if applicable)
Submit budget allocation in Oracle Financials Cloud (if budget is being divided among multiple tasks, get approval from Principal Investigator prior to submitting budget allocation)
Add report due dates (RPPRs, FERs, etc) to calendar
Add new project/task(s) to Principal Investigator fund report
Check to see if Principal Investigator has budgeted effort on award; put together a plan for how effort will be charged during the budget year (through Summer Salary, FSEP, GCCP or HCOMP)
Create subaward in Kuali Research (if applicable)