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New Faculty Checklist

View the New Faculty Checklist for Research Administrators below.

RA Process for Adding New Faculty to their Portfolio

Assure all the PIs you're responsible for, and confirm all their funds in their portfolio
Gather Information from Faculty re: their lab personnel (exisiting and what is projected) and other spending trends in order to forecast
Follow Departments SOPs on electronics documents (e.g. Pre Award folder, Post award folder etc.)
Add/Update Project Chartstrings/Tasks as needed
Update PI and/or RA Roles (PPM and/or GL projects/tasks)
Follow Department SOPs regarding projection of personnel and other expenses
Set up schedule of Progress reports (Science & Financial), FERs, billings etc
Close monitoring of the last year of the reward, prepare 12 months in advance due to personnel and potential union contracts (e.g. layoffs, severance, vacation payouts etc...) planning for close out to $0.00


Additional Considerations

These duties depend on the organizational structure of the department on who handles what pieces (varies among departments)

After acceptance of UCSD offer and determination of their start date:

After arrival to campus:

  • New Faculty-Start up letter details affecting financial portfolio
  • Virtual introduction to sponsored research mgr/POC
  • Relocation/move to SD (to be handled a few months before they're appointed (procurement/travel/moving company/exception letter for move needed for travel; house hunting)
  • Extramural project transfers to UCSD (where applicable); work with PI, PI's outgoing institution, OCGA and Funding Agency
  • UCSD Accesses prior to start date, if needed as affiliate (Oracle, UCPath, BAH.UCSD reports)
  • Meet with staff to introduce business process (fiscal & instructional needs)
  • Confirm any training needed for Oracle, Concur (travel/reimbursements), Procurement, Compliance
  • Procurement training, such as OFC Purchasing, PCard
  • Procurement needs to set up the lab
  • Obtain P-Card and Travel card (per faculty request)
  • Office needs; lab/office phone/copy machine - confirm chartstrings
  • Providing a list of the PI's chartstrings for PI and lab members to use
  • Tip: If the faculty member has a spouse in the same department consider RA assignment(s)