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ORA - Academic Research Personnel

The Academic Personnel unit of the Office of Research Affairs (ORA) processes appointments and reviews for academic titles in the Research Scientist, Project Scientist, Specialist, and Academic Coordinator series for the Organized Research Units (ORUs) on the General Campus.

Effective 7/1/12, Divisional Deans were delegated authority to approve the following academic personnel actions for Research Scientists, Project Scientists, and Specialists in their respective departments:

  • Appointments at all levels (with or without an off-scale salary component), including the appointments of Visiting Research Scientists and Visiting Project Scientists
  • All reappointments, merit advancements, and no-change actions (with or without an off-scale salary component), including accelerated advancements and advancements to a crossover step; appraisals and readiness assessments; and all career review actions (including promotions and advancements to Step VI and Above Scale)
  • Voluntary reductions in time (RITs)
  • Leaves of absence for greater than 15 days, but less than one year
  • Waivers of Affirmative Action Compliance

The Vice Chancellor, Research Affairs retains authority for all academic personnel actions for Research Scientists, Project Scientists, and Specialists appointed in the ORUs on the General Campus.  Divisional Deans will no longer review academic personnel actions for appointees in General Campus ORUs.

All correspondence for these actions for General Campus ORUs should be addressed to:

Sandra A. Brown, Vice Chancellor for Research
Office of Research Affairs
Mail Code 0043

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