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Campus Events and Activities Portal

This is the Campus Events and Activities Portal. If you are a UC San Diego employee*, planning an event on-campus, this is the place to start. Here you will find helpful information for planning and executing your event, including information and links to related policies, processes, and the latest campus events and activities information.

*Registered Student Organizations should consult with the Center for Student Involvement for event planning guidance and to complete a Triton Activity Planner (TAP) for on-campus events. Facility managers are responsible for completing the required event processes for events hosted by outside organizations utilizing university space.

Events and Activities Intake Form

The Events and Activities Intake Form is a campus-wide tool for initiating events on-campus. The information provided enables the university to consider appropriate safety, event visibility, and coordination related to major events occurring on campus. The Intake Form replaces the Major Events Protocol submission form. 

The Intake Form is required for all events with more than 100 attendees expected or where alcohol will be served. 

UC San Diego reserves the right to cancel any scheduled activity if it is deemed unsafe.

Event Definition

Any planned gathering including but not limited to celebrations, dances, lectures, forums, performances, rallies, social gatherings, concerts, speaker presentations, and conferences. Events do not include classes, department meetings and seminars, concerts, performances, or athletic practices, contests, or tournaments sponsored by or conducted under the auspices of the University as part of the ordinary operations of the University.

Enter an Event

Intake-Form.svgUC San Diego employees sponsoring/planning on-campus events, and UC San Diego facility managers on behalf of non-affiliates using university space for events. UC San Diego and SIO, on-campus events only.


TAP.svg For CSI registered student organizations and student initiated Student Life events.


Major Events Protocol

According to University Policy 510-1 Section V.A. Policy on Major Events on campus: A Major Event includes an Event at which one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. The Event Sponsor anticipates over 100 persons are likely to attend;
  2. Alcohol is intended to be served at the Event.

You are strongly encouraged to read through the Major Events Policy prior to submitting your Events and Activities Intake Form. Submitting this form does not replace any approvals or coordination your event may need from various university offices including:

  • University Police
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Parking Services

The Event and Activities Intake Form is considered complete once submitted. A notification of the event will be sent to the selected Vice Chancellor area. The submitter should consider their event approved unless they hear otherwise.

Intake Form Resources

CSI Registered Student Organizations

All aspects of student organization events are coordinated and approved via the Triton Activity Planner (TAP). Visit the CSI student organization event planning TAP website for current information about student organization event planning processes and protocols. 

For more information, contact