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Data, Reporting & Analytics

The purpose of ERAP's Reporting & Analytics Services is to improve the availability of valid and stable sponsored research proposal and award administration data in order to deliver quality reports to campus consumers and give campus users the flexibility to produce ad hoc reports. This is being accomplished by modernizing UCSD’s research administration reporting capabilities and by building a reporting infrastructure that facilitates data access for approved users and the interpretation and analysis of large volumes of data (e.g. Business Intelligence (BI)).  

For more information, please visit the Reporting & Analytics Services Blink page.

Electronic Proposal Development & Coeus - UC San Diego's Enterprise Contracts and Grants System

Electronic Proposal Development (EPD) is a Coeus module that allows PIs and departments to electronically prepare and submit administrative proposal documents. The EPD System has replaced the paper-based proposal routing and approval process. Benefits of EPD include:

  • Eliminates the paper RES form
  • Electronically routes proposal documents for approval
  • Facilitates electronic signatures
  • Provides real time proposal processing
  • Acts as a central repository for all proposal documents
  • Reduces dependencies on shadow systems
  • Delivers smart form questionnaires and data validation
  • Automates notifications
  • Enables concurrent workflow
  • Offers visibility to pending proposal workload
  • Allows real-time visibility of proposal status

For more information visit the EPD website

Coeus is a comprehensive information system designed and developed by MIT to manage the complexities of the sponsored project lifecycle. Coeus was expanded to a population of institutions that formed the Coeus Consortium for shared development with over 50 member institutions, including UC Berkley, MIT and John’s Hopkins. In use at UC San Diego since 2002, it is the official institutional repository of all submitted sponsored research proposals and awards for UC San Diego. UC San Diego is currently using the following modules: Electronic Proposal Development (EPD), Institute Proposal (IP) and Award modules.

Because support for Coeus is being discontinued, UC San Diego is beginning a multi-year project to replace it with a new, more modern Contracts & Grants Management system.

Intellectual Property Management

ERAP has partnered with the Office of Innovation and Commercialization to develop a series of online tools to improve intellectual property management workflows and replace existing paper-based processes related to protecting the creations and discoveries of UC San Diego’s inventor community.

Phase One of this project implemented the eDisclosure, an easy and secure way for inventors to report new discoveries to OIC for evaluation as candidates for patenting and licensing. eDisclosure provides the following functionality:

  • Create and submit an invention disclosure via a simple web interface
  • Save progress at any point during disclosure creation
  • Collaborate with co-inventors using a single consolidated entry
  • Receive in-system feedback and assistance from OIC during the disclosure process
  • Check on a disclosure’s history, including changes made prior to submission and feedback received from and responses sent to OIC
  • Receive automatic notifications as a disclosure progresses through OIC’s review process
  • Check on disclosure progress through the review process all the way up to acceptance by OIC
  • Upload and save documentation such as manuscripts, presentations, abstracts, etc.
  • Access comprehensive reporting on disclosures, both current and historical

Material Transfer Agreements

The Electronic Material Transfer Agreement (EMTA) request system allows users to manage the process of transferring research materials in and out of the university.  ERAP provides project management support to the following business offices that are responsible for handling material transfer agreements: 

Handling MTA's electronically saves valuable time, allowing users to access information about their requests on demand through UCSD's Single Sign On system. Users can view requests in real time and track the status of individual MTAs.  This on-line tool has a user-friendly interface with branching ‘smart forms’ that walk users through the applicable questions to avoid wasting time answering questions that don't apply to them.

For more information visit mta.ucsd.edu

Research Portal

The Research Portal Team maintains a comprehensive Blink Research Portal that delivers consistent and accurate knowledge on various UCSD research administration processes and that will target faculty and staff by delivering content related to research administration procedures and processes at UC San Diego.

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