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ERAP Operations

Read about the ERAP Operations Committee.

The day-to-day operational activities of Coeus & EPD are managed by the ERAP Operations Committee.

The main purpose of this committee is the oversight of the activities of the campus-wide applications (e.g. Coeus & EPD) that support improved management by departmental personnel and central offices of the sponsored research life cycle.

ERAP Operations Committee Mission

To standardize & improve UCSD’s Proposal and Award administration processes and procedures, and their application to enterprise contract and grant systems.

ERAP Operations Committee Goals

  • Provide a forum for UCSD’s central offices to collaborate on business processes, develop functionality that support policies and data integrity, and standardize business processes for consistency across all areas of campus.
  • Implement improvements to UCSD’s Enterprise Sponsored Project Systems.
  • Create, update and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 

ERAP Operations Committee Participating Units

ERAP Operations Committee Charter