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Learn how to find the information you need from Blink.

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Search Boxes in Blink

Two search boxes are located at the top of every Blink page.

Use the Search box on the left to search content in Blink or select the "All UCSD Sites" radio button to search everything on ucsd.edu. (If you searched Blink and didn't find what you were looking for, expand the search results by clicking "All UCSD Sites" on the search results page.)

Use the Find Faculty/Staff box on the right to search the employee directory. Search by name, email, phone or fax number. Example search terms.

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Problems with Search Results

If you can't find relevant search results

Make sure you are using the correct search box

  • Use Search for general inquiries
  • Use Find Faculty/Staff to search for an individual

Tips on finding Faculty/Staff

  • Try searching by email or phone instead of name
  • They may no longer be with UC San Diego
  • If they are a UCOP employee, use the UCOP directory

Search all of UCSD

  • Select the "All UCSD Sites" radio button to search everything on ucsd.edu

Check the Additional Search Resources

  • Departments may be using acronyms or have changed names

If search results lead to 'Page Not Found'

This means the page was moved or deleted, but the search engine is still showing the old results.

Let us know what you were searching for and we can adjust the search settings accordingly.

Using Ctrl + F with Drawers

Pressing the Ctrl key and F key opens the Find command in your browser, allowing you to search for a particular word on a web page. This is especially useful for searching a long page for specific information such as a name or numeric code.

However, Ctrl + F does not search the text of closed drawers.

Click the Expand All link above the first drawer before using Ctrl + F to search the text of drawers.

Using Data Tables

By default, a data table only shows the first 10 entries. This sample data contains 13 entries. You can either increase the number of entries show with the drop-down box in the upper left, or advance to the second page by using the links in the lower right.

Click on any column to sort the data by that column. Click it a second time to sort in reverse order.

The Filter box in the upper right allow you to search for particular information. For example, type 'new' into the box and only those rows that contain 'new' will be shown.

13 Original Colonies of the United States of America

Colony Name Founded Statehood (yr-mo-day)
Virginia 1607 1788-06-25
New York 1626 1788-07-26
Massachusetts 1630 1788-02-06
Maryland 1633 1788-04-28
Rhode Island 1636 1790-05-29
Connecticut 1636 1788-01-09
New Hampshire 1638 1788-06-21
Delaware 1638 1787-12-07
North Carolina 1653 1789-11-21
South Carolina 1663 1788-05-23
New Jersey 1664 1787-12-18
Pennsylvania 1682 1787-12-12
Georgia 1732 1788-01-02

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