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Decorative Candles and Open Flames

Read about restrictions on decorative candles and open flames in UC San Diego facilities.

Decorative candles and open flames are prohibited in facilities with few exceptions.


UC San Diego Residential Life offices strictly prohibit candles and other open flames in campus residential buildings. Link to your Residence Life office for specific policy information.


  • Food services: Enclosed votive candles are allowed as table decorations, as used by UC San Diego Catering and the Faculty Club.
  • Processions or vigils: These events must use candles with drip guards, and participants must remain on non-combustible surfaces for the duration of the procession. Extinguish candles prior to entering any university buildings.
  • Religious purposes: Exceptions made for recognized religious or festive uses of open flames require permission from the UC San Diego fire marshal.
  • Research laboratories: Approved laboratory spaces may operate attended open flame devices, such as Bunsen burners, for research purposes.
For more information, contact EH&S Fire & Life Safety, (858) 534-3659.