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Outgoing Subawards on UC San Diego Proposals

Find information about including subrecipients on UC San Diego Proposals.

Required documents for each proposed subrecipient:

  • Statement of Work (SOW): a clear description of the work to be performed, proposed timelines and deliverables
  • Budget and Budget Justification: subrecipient’s direct and indirect costs (IDC)
    • IDC should be calculated using the subrecipient’s approved facilities and administrative (F&A)
    • Include fringe benefit rates
    • Verification of any committed cost sharing, if applicable.
  • Subrecipient Monitoring documentation: provide either the FDP Clearinghouse Participating Organization profile (preferred) or a completed Subrecipient Commitment Form (PDF)
    • Search FDP Clearinghouse for the institutional profile and, if available, click on the "Organization Name" to open the profile. Then "Print All" to PDF and provide to OCGA, in lieu of sending requests for subrecipient commitment forms to potential subrecipients/consortium members, or
    • Request a Subrecipient Commitment Form (PDF), which acts as an institutional commitment letter, to be completed and signed by the subrecipient’s institutional official. 
  • Other:
    • Source and Cost Price Reasonableness Form (Word) signed by the UCSD PI if the prime is a contract
    • Any additional documents required by the sponsor, e.g. PI Bio Sketch, Current and Pending Support, Facilities

How is the Subrecipient Commitment Form used?

The Subrecipient Commitment Form was designed to collect information about the subrecipient at the proposal stage. It is used to verify information about the subrecipient contained in the proposal and to determine if the other organization’s role is that of a true subrecipient. 

For more information on specific questions in the form please read the Instructions on completing the form.  The form is also designed to help subrecipients understand at the proposal stage what will be required of them by UC San Diego should an award be made.  This includes compliance with federal and other regulations such as:

  • Governing research with human or animal subjects
  • Conflict of interest disclosures
  • OMB Circular A-133
  • Federal debarment

If the Subrecipient Commitment Form is not collected at time of proposal, there is a risk that your proposed subrecipient could be determined to be a vendor and IDC will be assessed on the full amount of the subrecipient's budget.

Collecting this form early in the process will help prevent potential issues and delays when you are ready to request that a subaward be issued. For more details, see Outgoing Subawards. The form must be complete prior to subaward issuance.

If your proposed subrecipient has any questions concerning the Subrecipient Commitment Form they can contact the OCGA Subaward Team at

What if I do not know who the subrecipient will be?

You may propose a subaward as to-be-determined. In your budget justification please clarify the type of subrecipient proposed and the overall role in the work. If you are under negotiation with proposed recipients, please note that in the budget justification. Be aware there is a possible risk your proposed subrecipient could be determined to be a vendor. 

What if I cannot collect the subrecipient commitment form?

The Subrecipient Commitment form was designed to act as an institutional commitment letter. If you are unable to collect the Subrecipient Commitment Form you will need to request a commitment letter from the Institutional Official of the proposed subrecipient.  

Preparation, review, and submission responsibilities


  • Obtains SOW, budget with justification, Subrecipient Commitment Form, and any other required documents form the proposed Subrecipient
  • Integrates Subrecipient information into proposal and adds Subrecipient as line item on UCSD budget
  • Submits Subrecipient documents with proposal to OCGA/HSSPPO for review 

Subrecipient proposal elements are expected to conform to the sponsor requirements for UCSD's prime proposal. PIs are responsible for ensuring that they request all materials from their subrecipients in the correct format.


  • Reviews the proposed subrecipient package and verifies that all required subrecipient documentation is present.
  • If the analyst determines the proposed Subrecipient should be a vendor contract or if the determination is not clear the analyst will submit the documentation to Subaward Team for a formal determination
  • Endorses proposal and submits to sponsor for consideration.
  • Retains subrecipient documents for use at award stage. 

Subaward Team

  • Reviews proposed subrecipient documentation and requests any further documentation from the department to make a final determination. 
  • Informs the Analyst and the department by email of the formal status determination
For more information contact the Client Experience team at