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How to Complete a Marketplace Subaward iRequest

Follow these step-by-step instructions to a Marketplace Subaward iRequest.

Before filling out an iRequest, make sure your subrecipient has a Subrecipient Supplier Profile in Marketplace.  If you aren't sure, you can look up the subrecipient using the Supplier Search Tool

Check the supplier profile - it should have two indicators:

  1. (Subrecipient ) 
  2. a blue supplier flag

If your subrecipient does not have a Sub MP flag flag, you will need to submit a New Supplier Request

  1. select "Yes" supplier is a subrecipient
  2. the subrecipient will need to complete the form

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1. Complete a Marketplace Subaward iRequest

Before you log in to Marketplace, gather the following information:

  • Subrecipient Federal Tax ID number if not Foreign
  • Prime Award Agency
  • Prime Award Number
  • Project Title
  • CFDA number if applicable (typically for federal awards, found on the Notice of Award (NOA))
  • If this is an ARRA subaward
  • Subrecipient Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Subrecipient's Contract Officer Contact Information
  • Designated Invoice Approvals Contacts (individuals who are authorized to sign off on subaward invoices)
  • Prior year PO number (only if applicable)

In Marketplace, go to the home page to locate iRequests.

  • Click on the iRequest tab
  • Select the Subaward Request folder
  • Select iRequest: Subaward with IDC (S)

Note: If you have an IDC waiver, please contact the Subaward Team for additional instructions.

2. Attach documentation to Subaward iRequest

Minimally requires the following documentation to begin a subaward:

  • Statement of Work (Word file)  describing the work that the subrecipient organization or PI in the awarded project will perform.
  • Detailed budget (Word file) itemizing the work that subrecipient organization or PI will perform.
  • Notice of Award that covers the dates requested (ideally these dates match the budget)

Other supporting documentation to be included:

  • If the Subrecipient was not included in the original proposal, attach the approval from the Sponsor.
  • If the Subrecipient will have human subjects, attach the Subrecipient's IRB approval if available
  • If the Subrecipient will have animal subjects, attach the IACUC approval if available
  • Current Notice of Award if available
  • IDC or F&A agreement of Subrecipient's institution

Note: Do not attach invoices.  Send them to Disbursements, MC 0955.

3. Provide budget information

  • Provide the budget period for the amount to be issued to the Subrecipient.  Do not include the project period.
  • Provide brief description of the subaward (i.e. Year 1 award, Deliverables, Milestones).

4. Submit iRequest

  • After completing the iRequest, go to the available actions and select "Complete iRequest" and "Go to Cart".
  • Only one subaward request is allowed per requisition.  
  • For each subaward request (per award, per entity), complete a new iRequest: Subaward with IDC (S).

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