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Subaward Modifications

Learn how to request modifications to subawards.

Modifications to existing subawards are requested via Marketplace using the online Subaward Modification Request Form (SMRF).

Submission Process

Go to Marketplace and submit the iRequest: Subaward Modification Request Form (SMRF). Upon receipt, you will receive a reply with:

  1. Name of the contract officer on our team who will be handling your request
  2. Case number to track your request as it moves through the negotiation, execution, and PO change order processes

Note: The online SMRF should be used for either IFIS or Marketplace POs.

Types of Requests

Request Documentation Checklist Notes

No-Cost Extension

  • Notice of Award

  • Email from Sponsor

Documentation of sponsor approval is required.

Increase Funding

  • Subrecipient budget

  • Notice of Award

A detailed budget is required for an increase in funding, unless subject to SNAP.

If budget period is also being extended, make sure NOA provides new end-date.

Decrease Funding

  • Revised budget

  • Revised statement of work

Substantial decreases (greater than 25% of total cost) require a revised budget and SOW.  

The new budget and SOW should reflect the revised total cost and the work actually performed. 

PI Change

  • Revised Notice of Award

  • Sponsor Approval

Both parties must agree to this change, and documentation is required.