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Subaward Modifications

Learn how to request modifications to subawards.

Types of Requests

Request Documentation Checklist Notes

No-Cost Extension

  • Notice of Award

  • Email from Sponsor

Documentation of sponsor approval is required.

Increase Funding

  • Subrecipient budget

  • Notice of Award

A detailed budget is required for an increase in funding, unless subject to SNAP.

If budget period is also being extended, make sure NOA provides new end-date.

Decrease Funding

  • Revised budget

  • Revised statement of work

Substantial decreases (greater than 25% of total cost) require a revised budget and SOW.  

The new budget and SOW should reflect the revised total cost and the work actually performed. 

PI Change

  • Revised Notice of Award

  • Sponsor Approval

Both parties must agree to this change, and documentation is required. 

Contact us at For frequently asked questions go to Subaward: FAQ