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Outgoing Subawards

Information about outgoing subaward guidelines and how to start a new subaward request.

Kuali Research Subawards

View the Kuali Research Subaward guide or the Research Knowledge Base for knowledge articles.

Submit a request

The OCGA Ancillary Research Agreements Team processes outgoing subaward agreements.

Required documentation

Be sure to include the following:

  • Statement of Work: What is the subrecipient doing? Please ensure this is detailed enough for us to determine the subrecipient's involvement in the project.
  • Itemized Budget: How much are we issuing? The subrecipient should provide a detailed budget that matches the requested amount in your iRequest.
  • Notice of Award (NOA): Do you have a Prime Award? In order to send out a subaward, we need a copy of the current award.
  • Subrecipient Commitment Form: Was this collected at time of proposal? If so, please include it in your submission. If not, we can collect this information from the subrecipient.


Check the Kuali Research Training page for Subaward Training offerings.

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