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Final Exam Responsibilities

Read about the responsibilities for the final exam schedule.


  • When enrolling in classes, students should check the final exam schedule to avoid having multiple final exams on the same day.
    • If the situation is unavoidable, ask the instructors about alternative scheduling. Faculty are not obligated to accommodate the request.
  • Read background information on exams.
  • Read the Academic Senate policy on exams.


  • All final exams must be given during the scheduled times.
    • Any student who finds it impossible to take a final exam on the date scheduled must make arrangements with the instructor.
  • Deviations from the Academic Senate policy must be approved in advance by the Undergraduate Council (UGC) or Graduate Council, depending on the level of the course.
    • If a change in time is approved, the final exam may be offered at the newly scheduled time. However, the final exam must also remain available to students at the original time.


  • The Registrar's Office will send a Schedule of Final Examinations to each department by the end of Week 7.
  • Any schedule changes must be cleared with the Registrar's Office by 4:30 p.m. on the Monday of Week 9.
  • Copies of the completed final exam schedule are then sent to the college provost offices and to the Registrar's general service area for student information.


The university makes reasonable efforts to accommodate students who have religious conflicts with scheduled exams by providing alternative times or methods to take the exams.
  • If a student anticipates a conflict in class or exam, he or she must submit a statement of conflict, including religious affiliation, to the instructor no later than the end of Week 2 of instruction.
  • If a conflict with the student's religious beliefs does exist, the instructor attempts to provide an equitable alternative.
  • Read the Academic Senate policy regarding religious accommodation.
For more information, contact the appropriate resource in Academic Departments or the Registrar's Office, (858) 534-4292.
Notice: The information on this page is a condensation of Academic Senate Regulations, to be used only for informational purposes. Refer to the Academic Senate Regulations for the full text. In case of conflict in interpretation, the Academic Senate Regulations apply.