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Projections Overview

Find out about FinancialLink's projections capabilities, which allow you to add salary and expense projections to FinancialLink reports.

Projections and local transactions

The Projections and local transactions modules let you include projections in FinancialLink reports. You can use these projections to more accurately track your budgets.

Projections are automatically calculated and include expense projections and payroll projections:

  • Expense projections:
    • Are based on an average of the most recent 12 months for many categories of recurring expenses
    • Use Expense projections maintenance to override the end date of projections, change or current projection amounts, or add comments.
  • Payroll projections:

Local transactions:

  • Are manual, one-time expenses or allocations that you enter through Local transactions maintenance
  • You can create local transactions to represent future expected expenditures, and then delete then manually when the actual expenses are incurred, or you can set them to be deleted automatically at a future date.


You can include projections or local transactions in the following FinancialLink reports:


For more information, enroll in the FinanciaLink 102 Intermediate or FinanciaLink 103 Advanced classes through UC Learning Center.

Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/projections