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Costing Policy and Analysis Office: About Us

Read about the vision and mission for the Costing Policy and Analysis Office.

University of California, San Diego
Director of Financial Analysis, Campus Planning Office
Strategic Management Plan

Long-term Vision

The overall goal of the Director of Financial Analysis, Campus Planning, is to identify and help implement policies, strategies, and budgeting/accounting practices which will improve campus cost reimbursement, result in campus cost savings, and/or avoid cost disallowances, particularly in relation to sponsored activities and externally financed capital projects.

Mission Statement

The Costing Policy and Analysis Office has a broad range of customers, including:

  1. Faculty and administrative support staff in departments and organized research units, managers and support staff in recharge activities, and administrators and support staff in dean's offices who seek explanations for the basis and distribution of indirect cost recovery, Federal requirements, relevant University policies and procedures, approval of recharge proposals and certain cost sharing proposals, or creative yet legitimate solutions to complex costing problems.
  2. Administrators and staff in academic and administrative vice chancellor offices, who seek information and assistance in determining the feasibility and financing options for proposed capital projects, acceptable cost recovery options, potential cost sharing options, interpretations of and recommended responses/strategies to address new Federal regulations, and training and informational presentations to business officers and other staff.
  3. Campus Budget Office staff, to assist with budgetary forecasts which are affected by income from sponsored projects or expenses of capital projects.
  4. Vice Chancellor - Resource Management and Associate Vice Chancellor - Campus Planning Office, to assume primary or shared responsibility for special projects or analyses in addition to primary assignments and responsibilities.
  5. Office of the President administration and staff, who request information, data and compositions related to externally financed capital projects, indirect cost calculations and negotiations, unrelated business income activities, campus and university policies and procedures, cost accounting standards, proposed changes in Federal regulations, and projections of indirect cost recovery and facility related expenditures.
  6. Other UC campus administration and staff, who seek information on San Diego practices, explanations and suggestions regarding Federal requirements, recommendations on negotiation and costing strategies, and training and informational presentations.
  7. Organizations which represent the nation's research universities, including Council of Governmental Relations, Association of American Medical Colleges, Association of American Universities, Federal Demonstration Project, and others, who seek information and data relating to indirect costs, rate negotiations, responses to proposed Federal rule changes, and costing strategies, as well as assistance with special projects.

Financial Analysis has primary responsibility for acquiring, developing and maintaining the campus financial, capitalization and effort data and reporting systems used to calculate indirect cost rates for sponsored research, instruction and other sponsored activities. This office has primary campus responsibility for indirect cost rate proposal development and negotiations. Responsibilities include planning and development of proposal and negotiation strategies, alternate allocation methods, and campus procedures for maximizing indirect cost recovery which comply with OMB Circular A-21, other relevant Federal regulations, and University policies.

Other responsibilities and functions include design, scheduling, and successful completion of special cost studies and development of statistical allocation tables to ensure that direct and indirect costs are correctly identified and equitably allocated. In addition, the office conducts analysis and develops responses to proposed changes in federal regulations which may impact campus recovery or rates. Financial Analysis share responsibility with Financial Services for development of the campus disclosure statements, now required by the Cost Accounting Standards Board.

Financial Analysis is responsible for coordination of the campus recharge activities review process. This includes chairing the Campus Recharge Review Committee, recommending improvements to the campus recharge policies and procedures, establishing and revising the overhead rate to be used for sales and services to non-University clients, and assisting departments in the development and refinement of recharge costing practices.

Financial Analysis manages campus debt capacity, and coordinates all external financing on capital projects. For research revenue bond (Garamendi) projects, Financial Analysis is also responsible for identifying and reporting all facility revenue and all debt service and facility operating expenses.

Financial Analysis conducts analytical studies and develops position papers on budget and finance issues, such as utilities budget formulas, or feasible financing of research facilities. Recommendations are developed on systemwide and campus data collection and computer systems. Financial Analysis assists in the design and development of further enhancements to the Comprehensive Rate Information System, in use at all University of California campuses. This office maintains and revises the campus indirect cost recovery allocation model, provides information and makes recommendations to campus administration and to the Office of the President.

This office provides consultation to campus staff/departments, organized research units, and service centers regarding costing issues and Federal regulations. Other responsibilities include development of reports and projections on campus direct expense, indirect cost recovery, and allocations.

For more information please contact Danielle Powers.