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Sponsored Project Fiscal Responsibilities

The individuals and organizations on this page have particular responsibilities for direct and indirect (F&A) costs incurred under sponsored projects.

Principal investigator/ department
Develops proposals for sponsored project funding; directs the research; assures that costs, both proposed and incurred, comply with sponsor requirements
Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA)
Handles cost issues and inquiries relating to proposal development and pre-award activities; negotiates project terms and conditions
Financial Analysis Office (FAO)
Monitors cost issues relating to campus recharge activities; develops and negotiates facilities and administrative (F&A) cost rates
Office of Post Award Financial Services (OPAFS)
Addresses cost issues related to project accounting, financial reporting, effort certification, cash management, and other post-award activities
Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) compliance officer
As the director of OPAFS, has operational authority and responsibility to ensure that the University maintains a reasonable level of compliance with CAS requirements
Audit & Management Advisory Services (AMAS)
Advises on cost issues related to external audit, risk assessment, and other management advisory aspects; tests compliance with University, state, and federal regulations by conducting a recurring program of audit to evaluate business processes, cost activities, and the adequacy of internal controls
Establishes costing policy and serves as primary contact with the government on CAS issues; manages overall compliance issues and implementation practices for direct and F&A costs