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Journal Entries

As we stabilize in the upcoming year, departments are encouraged to make corrections directly at the source in the sub-system and not in the General Ledger.

In order to get a General Ledger Journal Entry approved, preparers will need to:

1. Attach supporting documentation 

  • All Journal Entries (with the exception of resource transfers on account 774009) will require supporting documentation to be attached in order to obtain approval for posting.
  • If you miss attaching the documentation, please follow guidelines on how to withdraw the journal, attach the documentation and re-submit.
  • Journals without supporting documentation will be rejected.

2. Use appropriate naming convention for the Journal Name 

  • Journal and Journal batch names should start with:
    • VC Abbreviation + Sub Department Abbreviation (if applicable) + Preparer Initials + Journal number (use a 4 digit number and track your journal number)
  • Central Offices will prefix Journal names with: 
    • Central Office Abbreviation + Preparer Initials + Journal number (use a 4 digit number)

Refer to the How to Process a Journal Entry KBA for detailed guidance.

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