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Invoicing and Credit Memos

Learn about the guidelines and procedures for invoices and credit memos.

A UCSD department may bill student, employee, government agency, and general public accounts in 2 ways:

  1. A batch load feed process, which is done electronically for a large number of invoices needed on a regular basis. This is handled by University Billing Services (UBS), a unit of Student Business Services (SBS).
  2. A UCSD invoice.

Learn about the UCSD invoice process for your department, UBS, and SBS Systems:

1. Department generates invoice

  • To generate an invoice, see How to Process a UCSD Invoice. Immediately distribute all 4 copies of the completed Invoice as follows:
    • Forward the first and second copies (customer copy and remittance copy) to the customer.
    • Send the third copy to (UBS copy) via e-mail or campus mail to the Student Business Services Office (MC 0025).
    • Keep the fourth copy (department copy) in the department’s files according to retention management procedures.

2. University Billing Services reviews and enters invoice

UBS performs the following steps:
  • Reviews documents for accuracy and completeness
  • Verifies and corrects inaccurate documents
  • Batches UCSD ISIS invoices in groups of up to 25
  • Key-enters UCSD ISIS Invoices on the account. Each batch of invoices is balanced against the key entry session activity transaction screen. UBS corrects any documents that have been processed erroneously.

3. SBS Systems Unit issues status reports

  • The Systems Unit prepares a monthly Unpaid Charges (Aging) Report. This notice is sent to each department to inform them which invoices remain unpaid.
    • The department will receive a monthly Aging Reports that documents unpaid invoices.