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Request Accounting and Financial Forms

Learn where to find and how to submit accounting & financial management forms.

Submit common Accounting & Financial Management requests through the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.


Request Type Details
Category Code Request Form
  • The category code references the department that will utilize any/all association to the detail code posted on an AR student account.
  • The Category Code should consist of an abbreviation of four-letters from the title of the department (a number is acceptable in the coding). This category code will be utilized by the department when requesting new payment/charge detail code(s) that will post to a student account. \
  • The category code request form is sent directly to SFS for entry into the ISIS AR billing system. Internal Control & Accounting (ICA) is not required.
Intercampus Recharge
  • An intercampus recharge is a billing of expenses between two UC campuses or between one UC campus and the UC Office of the President (UCOP).
  • To charge (invoice) another UC Campus or UCOP, complete this request form.
ISIS Detail Code
  • Detail codes drive the description on student billing statements and determine where your department receives credit in your ledgers.
  • ISIS detail codes will only be created to enter student charges into the ISIS AR system starting July 1, 2020.
Non Salary Cost Transfer Request
  • Process for requesting a non-salary cost transfer within Oracle.
Oracle MCI File Submission (Recharges)
  • Submit an MCI File to process Internal Charge expenses.
Oracle PPM General Project Request
  • Process for requesting new, close, or modifications to existing Oracle PPM General Projects.
Resource Transfer Request
  • Process for allocating resources within a single fund. To move expenses between funds or projects use the Cost Transfer Request.

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